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I am a registered ARBA rabbit breeder located in central California.  I started my rabbit hobby February of 2008 and have learned so much!  I specialize in Lionheads, Holland Lops, and Dutch Rabbits.  I raise pedigree rabbits that are bred for quality and color. I enjoy raising my rabbits and giving them the best care possible. In most of the breeds I am working hard to improve BEW's! They are my favorite! All of my rabbits are dewormed and handled before sale. 

The Best way to contact me is by email:

I am a member of the A.R.B.A, ADRC, LRCA and HLRSC


Rabbitry News 

Corgi Puppies are here! Check out out website:

I am officially closing my barn to the public! I will no longer allow people or other rabbits in my barn.  None of my bucks are available for stud services so please do not ask. I am sorry I have to do this but I am fed up with people not taking responsibility for their own rabbits. 

I am a responsible breeder. I give my rabbits that best care possible and it is sad that others are not doing the same. You are responsible as a breeder to medicate your rabbits when sick and be sure that the rabbits you sale have a clean bill of health.  If you let a friend use one of your bucks and it starts getting sick YOU are responsible to let the person know! A simple phone call or email will do.  The breeders will be thankful not upset!

There is a huge case of vents disease going around! Please be careful who you buy from and whose bucks you use for breeding.  The particular breeders are not treating their rabbits...letting others use their infected bucks...selling does that have signs of the disease...and taking advantage of young breeders and less experianced breeders.  It is ABSOULTLY ridiculous that vents is going around! It is an easy and inexpensive thing to treat!


Please be responsible and treat your rabbits! Continuing the cycle of vents will catch up to you in the end.  Don't be ashamed...tell the breeders and clients who might be infected!!!!!


If you would like more into on vents and the cure for it please contact me! I would be more than happy to help!

Shows Schedule 2009-2010



Stockton on the 14th

Lodi on the 28th 


Red Bluff on the 12th


Santa Rosa on the 16th

Chico on the 23rd

Bakersfield on the 30th



Stockton on the 6th

Turlock on the 27-28th


Monterey on the 24-25th


Stockton on the 1st


Stockton on the 18th

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