I sell high quality rabbits so at the time of sale I guarantee a healthy rabbit.   If your rabbit should die or become ill within a week of the sale I will replace it with another. You will need to bring the rabbit back as proof.  Sometimes the replacement will have to come from another litter so there could be a delay.   There are also no promises that your rabbit will win at show.  Please buy at your own risk and experience.  Thanks!


I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  Quality and rare colors are not cheap.  I feel that my prices reflect the quality of my rabbits and are competitive with other rabbitries striving for that perfect show bunny :)

  Email me for available rabbits  and pricing @ catcrazy414@aol.com

 I also have a rabbit tattoo clamp for sale. It has double letters and tripple numbers. I am asking $60. 

 Lionheads For Sale

Please Check out Lionheads page to see pictures. I have a trio of Lionheads that would be great for a BEW program! 

 Sable Point VC buck

Tort VC Buck 

 Holland Lops For Sale 



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